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WDSR Radio Chat Room

WDSR Radio chat room is the spot for indie artists to chop it up with other indie artists, their fans, labels and people just looking to hear some new indie music. In here we don’t patronize artists about their music by being yes men. We give it to you 100, all truth. If you can’t handle real feedback you don’t want to be in here with us. We keep it real and BMDuBB is definitely going to keep it 100. #yallbettarecognize

Every week during the It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit radio show hosted by B M DuBB which is Tuesdays at 9pm EST, artists submit their mp3s of music to sendtrax@gmail.com (must be id3 tagged to stream since WDSR Radio is a BDS radio station that reports all spins) and the tracks are played and critiqued live on the air.

Tracks are voted #ItsAHit if listeners think it’s a hit or #TossThatShit if listeners think it’s some garbage. We post all track names and titles to our WDSR Radio FB group, WDSR Radio FB page and WDSR Radio Twitter and of course in the WDSR Radio chat room. This is the perfect opportunity for indie artists to get the most honest feedback that their music deserves. Don’t get in your feelings if your track doesn’t get considered a hit. Consider it a challenge to strive for more to make your music better. That’s what the show It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit is about.

The WDSR Radio chat room isn’t just for voting during It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit, you can also chill in here during other WDSR Radio shows and show love to DJs putting it down during their shows as well. Like The Golden Era: Back In The Crates hosted by DJ Ian Charlton.

All tracks that get considered a #hit go in main rotation and receive a guaranteed slot on our mixtape compilation, which is how the WDSR Radio It’s A Hit Mixtape Vol. 1 came about.

If you want the opportunity to be on an upcoming mixtape and/or a featured artist on the release make sure you tell everyone you know to come chop it up and vote for indie tracks in the WDSR Radio chat room!

WDSR Radio Chat Room

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