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Tuesday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

Is Your Track A Hit?

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It's A Hit or Toss That Shit accepts mp3 music submissions from independent artists and streams them live every Tuesday night. These indies will receive live feedback on their music from BMDuBB, friends, family, fans and listeners tuning in to the show.

WDSR is a BDS online radio station that features both independent and major artists 24 hrs. per day. We are your official online radio show!

Indie artists are welcome to submit your id3 tagged mp3s to to It's A Hit or Toss That Shit.

It's A Hit or Toss That ShitIt’s A Hit or Toss That Shit. Tune in every Tuesday night at 9pm EST to one of the HOTTEST radio personalities out there, B. M. DuBB host of It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit on WDSR Radio. Independent artists submit their music to the show each week allowing them to obtain honest feedback live on the air.

How can I get my music on It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit?

Submit id3 tagged mp3 to

What if my track gets considered a hit?

Your track goes in main rotation and qualifies to be on an upcoming mixtape as part of WDSR Radio’s It’s A Hit mixtape compilation. Click here to listen to our current release, WDSR Radio It’s A Hit Mixtape Vol. 1

How much does it cost to have my music on the show?

WDSR Radio is “no payola” but we do offer radio promotion services here.

Can I be the featured artist on the mixtape?

Yes! Contact us at for more information.

Tune in Tuesday nights to It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit!





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