Independent Artist Martone Interview

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Independent Artist Martone Interview with WDSR Radio

Independent Artist Martone InterviewMartoneWDSR: Welcome Martone! It’s a pleasure to interview you. Let everyone know where you are from.

Martone: Thank you for having me. I am originally from Lansing, MI. But, I am now based in Dallas, TX by way of Detroit, MI.

WDSR: So how old you were when you first developed an interest in making music?

Martone: I would have to say, at the age of four years old. My cousins and I would sing in the church choir using the bibles as drums. However, my first instruments were a flute and harmonica that my Mom bought me probably around the age six or seven.

WDSR: Right off the bat in your bio I noticed that you are rubbing shoulders at the Grammys. What an accomplishment! Tell us about it.

Martone: Well, I officially became a member in July 2016. It has been an incredible journey. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the world’s most talented people and some of them I do call friends. We bounce ideas off from each other, and share what we are currently working on. Most of all and most importantly we continue to encourage each another. To me, that is what it is really all about, a community of people rooting for each other to succeed.

The awards ceremony and after party were all a dream come true for me. Never did I begin to imagine that all of this was possible for me. I just truly have to thank God for blessing me in such a way.

WDSR: It seems like you are music and music is you. You’ve done some spectacular things in your journey. Out of it all what are the most enlightening to you?

Martone: Thank you for the compliment. I would have to say that learning from my prior mistakes is most helpful when releasing new material. Make sure that you are practicing due diligence before getting involved with someone that offers a service or makes promises that seem too good to be true.

WDSR: Let’s talk about the music. If you had to put a description on the type of music that Martone makes, how would you describe it to someone who has never heard it before?

Martone: Timeless, dance music that speaks to the soul.

WDSR: Lately we have been hearing about a part of the industry that irks independent artists a lot, which is, talented artist getting overlooked because they don’t fit a mold like some of these bubblegum major artists out here. How frustrating is that to you?

Martone: I used to share that frustration. But, what I have come to realize is that you cannot worry about what everyone else is doing. You really have to focus on your art and concentrate on being the best in your area. I concentrate on putting out the best possible music that is timeless, authentically me.

WDSR: You were a youngin’ when you completed this producer’s course for Cablevision and then produced and hosted a show called Video Control. Tell us about it.

Martone: Well, it was an eight week course to become certified as a cable access producer. I completed the course with my cousin Cedric. Unfortunately, he was not able to continue on with producing Video Control. So, at that point I just did the producing, directing and hosting myself. I wrote all types of letters and making calls to the video promotions departments of record companies running up my mother’s telephone bill. I can laugh about it now, but back then I often got into hot water with my Mom for doing that. But all was forgiven, she saw that I had a drive to succeed in the field of television.

After the show caught on, I was able to distribute the show to a few cities around the country such as Phoenix, AZ, Jackson, MI, and New York City. From there, I would get invites to concerts with backstage passes with the opportunity to interview people like Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, En Vogue and others. It was an awesome experience that I would not trade for the world.

WDSR: Out of all of the interviews that you’ve done in your stretch with Video Control do you have a favorite? Independent Artist Martone Interview

Martone: Yes, I do. Queen Latifah was cool. I do not remember all of the particulars surrounding that interview. But from what I remember she was the most down to earth celebrity I had ever met at that point. She had made a comment about my smile and the next thing I remember the interview was done. But, I will tell you I will always remember that it was a good feeling being around her and the positive energy that she had radiating from her.

WDSR: Walk us through what it takes for Martone to prepare for a release of a new single or album.

Martone: Sometimes, it can be hard or it can be easy. I had to let go of my expectations of what I wanted my songs to sound like if it was not a cover. I would give my cousin a song to produce. I would say that I want it to sound a little like this or that. And of course, he could not make the song sound like exactly what I wanted due to copyright laws. But for the most part I am pleased with both his and my Brother Marvin’s work. A lot goes into putting these albums and singles together. Sometimes, there are schedule coordination’s and depending on if one of them is working on a project at that time. What happens a lot of the time is, that I tend to sing the song acapella and then email them my vocals and they create the beat around it.

Most people would not know that I recorded majority of #TEOM the Evolution of Martone Deluxe Edition on my iPhone. Actually, I only recorded one song in the studio with that album.

As I am working on completing Erogenous Zone that is due out on September 8, 2017 I am already thinking about the next album. I cannot help it, I must multitask or at the very least jot down my ideas.

WDSR: Do you like working with multiple producers or do you have your own team producing the music for you?

Martone: I have a team, my cousin Michael E. Williams, II and his son Jacobi and of course my Brother Marvin. We work well together. I call them my Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I always say if it is not broken do not try and fix it. My cousin Michael and his son can play anything by ear.

Most importantly, I do believe that I challenge them musically because of the genre that I am in. House music, traditional house music and EDM has a repetitiveness to it. However, they build my songs traditionally with all the necessary changes in the music throughout the songs. Marvin and I share a love of house music, I just give him the acapella and he comes up with his own take of the song. I always love what he does and he never disappoints me or the listeners.

WDSR: It mentions that you’ve been through a few struggles along your journey. Would you like to touch on anything specific?

Martone: Right now, I am working on the upcoming album so life happens just like with any other person. I have had a couple of deaths in my family which had put things on hold for a couple of weeks trying to get my mind together from experiencing that loss. Then of course the occasional writer’s block, which a trip back home to Michigan had done me some good.

There had been some scheduling conflicts with a studio that I had planned to record in. Then I had came across a person that wanted to “help” with the project and was not dedicating the time to help make it happen and I had to cut them loose.

And wouldn’t you know it one month before the album is due to release with only five songs recorded out of the 15 I have planned to record, I come down with a major ear infection losing 80% of hearing in my right ear. I am on the mend now. But, I will tell you that perseverance is the key to accomplishing anything you want done in life.

WDSR: So being from Michigan do you feel that the music scene there gives Indies a fair shake when it comes to locking down venues?

Martone: I have not lived in Michigan for some years now. But, what I do know is that if you want something, you have to make it happen. Put on a showcase, get a couple of acts to go in on the price of renting out a venue. I know in Texas, there is always some type of function going on. But then too, some of these venues are like a private club, and you have to know someone who is in the club to get in. What I do know is that my music speaks for itself and at the risk conceded.

WDSR: For everyone that doesn’t know, let them know where they can we find your music online?

Martone: My new album Erogenous Zone hits stores on September 8, 2017. My current single Fever, is out now. My music is available any and everywhere music is sold, places like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more.

Check out the Fever video right here:

WDSR: We ask everyone that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you about this music game?

Martone: Honestly, no one has ever given me advice about music. That is the truth. But, if I can offer some advice to anyone that is seeking a career in music, be sure to know who you are going in and the type of artist that you wish to be. Never lose sight of your goals.

WDSR: Is there anyone that you would like to work with on future projects and why?

Martone: Of course. I love TS Madison and I am a huge fan of hers. I love her story. She is an inspiration to the LGBT community. She says what she feels and is unapologetically black. Her spirit is beautiful, she is multi-talented, she can sing and rap. I am sure that we could come up with a hot tune together. If she would be open to it.

Appreciate the sit down with you Martone! Keep pushing to the stars!

Independent Artist Martone Interview


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